Frustration with injustice and religious hypocrisy still festers in our hearts. 23 years down the road Mortal Dread blast beats and chop chords for whats right.

Vocals and Guitars / Robert B. B. Andersen
Drums / Thais Beermann
Bass / HkH Keizeren
Guitar / Tobias Biörs

Thrash Metal Band Mortal Dread release debut EP Celebration of Fear

The EP is the follow up to 2017 single Om Shanti and features five unique songs each different in character ranging from thrash metal, punk and gloom. Greg Gordon helped coin Mortal Dreads style as "Possitive Aggressive"

"We are very satisfied with the EP and the collaboration with Greg Gordon who has helped us aspire to let the creational atmosphere drive the recording process. When you know your producer and engineer frequently worked with artist such as Slayer and Slipknot and he says “record the atmosphere” you feel confident seeking out creative intuitions says Robert singer and guitarist in Mortal Dread.

“A few examples could be when I stuck a microphone into a vacuum tube and song into it, to create the right sound for a layer. Or the idea of a cross over between Stairway to heaven and Ride of the Valkyrie and the Space Odyssey intermezzo, though it required additional 50 tracks and help from established classical musicians Tobias Biörs, Kerstin Thiele and soprano Louise Lyck Rise”.

Through the EP has been longer on the way that first expected, it has helped cultivate ideas and build more layers into the songs, but also given way to new friendships along the way. An EP that is anything but assembly line production. Availble for streaming everywhere.

Swine Production

In Mortal Dreads song "Swine Production" "vocalist Robert B. B. Andersen" screams "questionable ethics - for human reproduction - Call it what you will, I call it Swine Production" stating Mortal Dreads perception of how modern consumerism pushes humans forward as ressources for the owners of the capital. Swine Production, crossover punk-thrash metal and last song on EP Celebration of Fear.

Celebration of Fear

The title song Celebration of Fear is a reaction to the everyday dose of fearmongering news broadcasters everywhere use to grab people’s attention. With a formula based on sexual, violent, paranormal or scandalous, every news bit however trivial is blow out of proportions, desensitizing us to care less and less about the real atrocities.

Incantation of Fear: Stairway to Heaven Meets Wagner Meets Space Odyssey 2001

Robert recalls "this song began infront of my amp, trying out my effect unit and having late night pangs. Slowly a mood crept up that was captured in the riff of this gloomy song. The idea was to keep the song loose and just go with any ideas that popped up. That let to seeking out Tobias Biörs when the sound of horns played inside my head, and later calling up on Kerstin Thiele and Louise Lyck for the flutes and soprano vocals". More than a hundred tracks went into this song, before Greg Gordon took over to mix and shape the final sound that became Incantation of Fear

Om Shanti: A critique of religious escapism

It was a trip to a Yogi Ashram in The Bahamas which inspired the single ‘Om Shanti’. In my line of work, and perhaps as Scandinavian and atheist, from time to time I can get the sense that we become spiritually impoverished. Some people seek explanations for things that happen in their life that go beyond what science can explain. We seek a meaning and an understanding for our lives. But I see that for some who suffer immensely, this can be a dangerous venture because they can be vulnerable for dogmas and systems.

I had decided to go to the Ashram with my girlfriend, an experienced yogi herself, to see what the fuss was all about. The experience was amazing, but I also experienced a few things which I reacted quite strongly to. I saw some people who were clearly in a lot of emotional pain, and from my point of view, used the religious dogmas as a form of escapism. The dogmas became a new system from which they got a sense of control and meaning – perhaps to a loss of meaning in their western hemisphere lives. I learned that some people had a hard time with me asking critical questions about their philosophies and dogmas. If we can’t ask critical questions and dig deep into the meaning behind the dogmas, then what kind of brainwashing is going on here – and who does it serve?

Our song ‘Om Shanti’ is an expression for humanity longing to find meaning, and the frustration, sorrow, and implosion we experience when the established dogma abuse our faith, trust, and vulnerability for their own gain.

‘Om Shanti’ is the first single for an album set to release late in 2017. ‘Om Shanti’ is released June 22nd 2017 on ITunes and Spotify. The album itself is a collaboration between Robert Benjamin, Thais Beerman (Aloop), and Kaspar Jungbloot (Loyal Spine).



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